The CT avails itself of physicians, pharmacists and research nurses with a wide experience of clinical trials.

We promote excellence in pediatric clinical trials and provide pediatricians the necessary means for conducting quality clinical research.

Parents and our young patients are pivotal in our clinical trials.

Children are not little adults.
Dr Renee Jenkins

The only way to really find out if whether or not a proposed new medication is safe and whether or not it is effective is to test it.
Dr. David Wendler

Clinical Research in Pediatrics

CHILDREN HAVE THE RIGHT TO RECEIVE APPROPRIATE CARE, WHICH IS EFFECTIVE AND SAFE. Clinical research (or clinical trial) is a kind of research that helps you find the best cure, drugs and devices specific to childhood, assessing the safety and efficacy in the different age groups. The Centro Trials (CT) of the Bambino Gesù Children’s Hospital is a clinical trial center born with the objective of managing and organizing clinical trials from any point of view, so that patients and their families can have access to new drugs and the most appropriate cure in full respect of the ethical values and current legislation and standards.  Families, who decide to involve their child in a trial, contribute to the development of research, have an active role in health of their child and have access to cures before everyone and therapies not commercially available yet.

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Giornata mondiale della salute per la sicurezza alimentare.

07 April 2015

I bambini sono i consumatori di domani -
Devono conoscere il cibo che mangiano

Una delle prime cose che insegniamo ai nostri figli è quello di conoscere l’ambiente in cui vivono, per evitare rischi e fare scelte per la loro vita e la salute. Ma quante volte insegniamo loro che il cibo può essere nocivo, e che gli alimenti devono essere selezionati e trattati con cura per evitare gravi malattie?

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